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  • The United World Games North American Chapter is the official program office for the United World Games - one of the largest youth sport events in the world. Our mission is to better assist all clubs, schools, teams and athletes from the US, Canada and Mexico in their preparations to compete in the Games.

  • Our Chapter offers consulting & administration services to sports clubs and tournaments.  

  • We offer player development services, such as individual soccer tutoring and summer camps, etc.

  • We also assist in sending US athletes on international sports tours for US colleges and sports clubs in Europe (tournament participation & so-called "whistle stop tours") organized by our experienced European travel partners.

Our experienced, dedicated and passionate staff is always here for you!

Franziskus M Bertl
Founder & President
Emily N Bertl
Project Manager & Administration

As the co-Founder and President of the United World Games, Franziskus opened up the North American Program Office in March 2015 in order to better serve the athletes coming from the North American continent. Franziskus holds a Masters Degree in PR & Media Relations and is a dedicated soccer player.

Emily is in charge of the administration of the office and various projects. She holds a Masters Degree in Archaeology and her interest in traveling the world and learning more about other cultures complements our international exchange ambitions as the foundation of many of our programs.

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